Privacy policy

This web page collects information strictly for purposes of organizing the PIPT4 conference. We do not share your sensitive information with anyone else.

You always have the ability to view, modify our remove your personal data, in accordance with the Polish Personal Data Protection Act (29.08.1997 Dz. U. Nr 133/97, poz.883)

We provide the ability to finalize the participation fee by credit card.


Personal information

When you register on this web site, we collect information essential to organizing the conference and finalize the payment.

Data we collect:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Degree
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Credit card info (optional, see below)


About Credit Card Security

Your credit card information is encrypted by an assymetric 1024-bit RSA key and is decrypted only when finalizing payments.

This means other parties cannot read it. It also means that if someone is intercepting your internet traffic the card number is scrambled. No one can read it except our staff who has special private key that is able to decipher sensitive information.

We use secure servers (SSL) and extra strong encryption.  On our site when you see the URL change from "http://" to "https:// " all data transmission is encrypted so that other people snooping around the net cannot read the data.

Using your credit card on our site is very safe. In fact it is more safe than using your credit card at a restaurant or store where someone can easily write down all the information from your card.

As a final comfort, most credit card companies will drop a credit card charge if you tell them you never made the charge.