Wroclaw is located in the middle of the triangle formed of Berlin, Praha and Warsaw. The most convenient

way of accessing Wroclaw is via air. Wroclaw Copernicus airport has connection with most of major airports

in Europe such as: London (Stansted), Paris (Beauvais), Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels Charleroi, Dusseldorf,

Oslo. You may also arrive Wroclaw by train from Berlin Ostbf. There are numerous Bus connections from

most of major cities in Europe.



Citizens of European Union, Japan and USA do not require Visa upon arriving to Poland. There are however

a few countries with Visa requirement for its citizens. For detailed information please contact your local

Polish embassy.



Being a European Union (except countries of former Yugoslavia, Slovenia excluded) citizen your health insurance

is also valid in Poland. Should you require a visa a obligatory health insurance (up to 35.000 EUR)

is included in the visa fee. If you however do not require a visa please apply for travel insurance in your




Official currency in Poland is Polish zloty (PLN, 1 złoty (PLN) = 100 grosz). However, there are places where

you can pay with euro. In the majority of public places (restaurants, shops, etc.) credit cards are accepted.

The actual exchange rate can be verified at

For the time of preparation of this announcement it is as follows:

1 EUR = 3,93 PLN

1 US DOL = 2,88 PLN

100 YEN = 3,50 PLN

100 RUB = 9,67 PLN

1 CHF = 3,01 PLN

1 GPB = 4,53 PLN

1 RMB = 0,53 PLN

ATMs are available throughout Wrocław and one is situated quite close to the conference venue.

There are numerous banks in or near the Old Town. You can also find banks and ATMs in shopping malls

and supermarkets (most of them accept MasterCard and Visa, some American Express). You can exchange

money in every bank. You can also exchange your money in exchange offices. Travel cheques are accepted

in most banks