The Meeting is intended to review the very recent achievements and inspire new challenges in the field of the photo-induced phase transitions and cooperative phenomena. Special interest is focused on the following topics:

Concepts and modeling

  • Cooperative mechanisms of proliferation and transformation pathway
  • Coherence and control
  • Chemical reaction approach including energy conversion
  • Far away from equilibrium dynamics
  • Nanoscale phenomena

Directing transformation and functionality of materials by light

  • Structural (from strongly correlated to biological super structure systems)
  • Optical and electrical
  • Magnetic and dielectric
  • Mechanical
  • Transport properties including superconductivity

Time-resolved techniques to study ultra-fast cooperative transformations

  • Spectroscopy from soft X-ray to THz
  • X-ray and electron scattering and diffraction
  • Imaging and microscopy
  • Novel techniques


Invited speakers and titles of the lectures

S. Adachi (KEK, Tsukuba):
Capturing photo-induced molecular structural dynamics by time-resolved X-ray structural analysis

D. Baigl (École normale supérieure, Paris):
Photocontrol of gene expression, membrane nano-mechanics and micro- to macrofluidic systems

J. Y. Bigot (University of Strasbourg):
Femtomagnetism (a review)

U. Bovensiepen (University of Duisburg):
Femtosecond dynamics of correlated materials investigated by time- and angle-resolved photoemission

J. Demsar (University of Konstanz, Germany):
Dynamics of the electronic and lattice parts of the order parameter in density waves

D. Fausti (University of Hamburg/Oxford):
Photoinduced superconductivity

H. Ihee (KAIST, Korea):
Visualizing protein structural dynamics with picosecond X-ray diffraction

S. Ishihara (Tohoku University):
Photo-induced phase change in spin-charge correlated electron systems

S. Johnson (P. Scherrer Institute):
Femtosecond magnetic order dynamics of a multiferroic phase transition

A. Kimel (University of Nijmegen):
Laser-induced magnetic phase transition and magnetization dynamics on a time-scale of the exchange

S. Koshihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology):
Search for photoinduced hidden phases

M. Lorenc (Université of Rennes 1):
From molecular photo-switching to material transformation (a review)

D. Mihailovic (JSI, Ljubljana ):
Coherent dynamics of macroscopic electronic order through a symmetry breaking transition

R. J. D. Miller (University of Toronto):
Making the molecular movie: first frames (a review)

G. Molnar (CNRS, Toulouse):
Bistable molecular materials: switching and photonic devices

N. Nagaosa (University of Tokyo):
Theory of photo-induced metal-insulator transition and magnetic structure changes in correlated

K. Nasu (KEK, Tsukuba):
Quantum and spontaneous breakage of translational symmetry due to light excitation and pipt
(a review of theoretical works)

K. Nelson (MIT):
Multi-exciton correlations and their spectroscopic unveiling

H. Okamoto (University of Tokyo):
Ultrafast dynamics of photoinduced transitions in 1D organic molecular compounds (a review)

J. Petersen (University of Oxford):
Clocking charge order melting in 1T-TaS2 with time-resolved XUV ARPES

L. Radosinski (Wrocław University of Technology):
Photo-induced conversion of hybridization

D. Snoke (University of Pittsburgh):
Lasing versus condensation of polaritons

K. Tanimura (Osaka University):
Excitonic instability and structural phase transition (a review of experimental works)

P. Werner (ETH, Zurich):
Non-equilibrium dynamical mean-field theory (a review)

K. Yonemitsu (IMS, Okazaki):
Interplay between correlated electrons and quantum phonons in charge-ordered organic compounds
(a review)